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Prostate Disorders

From the Current Issue

New Research:
Needle Procedure Helps Ease BPH Symptoms Over Long Term

A procedure known as transurethral needle ablation of the prostate (TUNA) is sometimes used instead of transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) to treat urinary symptoms caused by BPH, but the long-term results were unclear. Now a study reveals that TUNA continues to have advantages over TURP after five years of follow-up.

The researchers compared TUNA and TURP in 121 men ages 50 and older who had experienced lower urinary tract symptoms from BPH for at least three months. Five years later, urinary symptoms and quality-of-life measures showed improvement in both groups, but improvement was greater among men who had TURP.

Impotence and incontinence were less common among the men who had TUNA, with erectile dysfunction occurring in 3% of TUNA patients and 21% of men in the TURP group. Retrograde ejaculation occurred in 41% of patients in the TURP group and none of those in the TUNA group. Overall, there were fewer adverse events in the men who had TUNA compared with TURP.

“In appropriately selected patients who have bothersome voiding symptoms due to BPH,” the researchers conclude, “TUNA is an attractive treatment option.”

The Journal of Urology
Volume 171, page 2336
June 2004


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Prostate Disorders

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