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Prostate Disorders

From the Current Issue

New Research:
Study Finds Long-Term Benefits With Finasteride Treatment

Men with BPH who take finasteride (Proscar) are at reduced risk for acute urinary retention (AUR) and are less likely to require surgery to treat the condition, according to six-year results from the Proscar Long-Term Efficacy and Safety Study (PLESS).

The current study is an extension of a four-year trial of more than 3,000 BPH patients who were randomly assigned to 5 mg of finasteride daily or a placebo. In the four-year trial, patients on the drug had a 57% lower risk of developing AUR compared with men taking a placebo, and were 55% less likely to require surgery to treat BPH symptoms.

After the four years, participants on the placebo were given the option of switching to finasteride. Two years later, results with more than 2,400 men found that those who had taken finasteride for six years continued to have lower rates of AUR and BPH surgery than those taking a placebo. Those who switched to finasteride had reductions in AUR and BPH surgery that approached levels found in the men who had taken the drug long term.

The researchers concluded that “finasteride treatment led to a sustained decrease in the incidence of AUR and/or BPH–related surgery.”


The Journal of Urology
Volume 171, page 1194
March 2004


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Prostate Disorders

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