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Hypertension & Stroke

2005 White Paper
Hypertension & Stroke

Explains how to treat your high blood pressure and prevent it from harming your health. Also covers the two forms of stroke: ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.

New topics include:

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: The best way to get an accurate picture of your blood pressure.

What to do if standard treatment doesn’t control your high blood pressure.

Getting more folic acid in your diet appears to reduce the risk of stroke.

How magnetic resonance imaging may be able to identify people at increased risk
for stroke.

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Table of Contents


What Is Blood Pressure?

Causes of Hypertension

Symptoms and Signs of Hypertension

Classifying Blood Pressure
• Systolic vs. Diastolic Pressure
• White Coat Hypertension

Complications of Hypertension

Prevention of Hypertension

Diagnosis of Hypertension
• Home Monitoring of Blood Pressure
• Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
• Medical Evaluation of Blood Pressure

Treatment of Hypertension
• Lifestyle Modifications
• Medication
• The J-curve
• Medical Follow-up


The Brain’s Blood Supply

What Is a Stroke?

Types of Stroke
• Ischemic Stroke
• Hemorrhagic Stroke

Symptoms of Stroke

Effects of Stroke
• The Brain Stem, Cerebellum, and Limbic System
• The Cerebrum
• Other Consequences

Risk Factors for Stroke
• Risk Factors That Cannot Be Changed
• Risk Factors That Can Be Changed

Prevention of Stroke
• Antiplatelet Therapy
• Anticoagulants
• Carotid Endarterectomy
• Angioplasty and Stents

Diagnosis of Stroke
• Patient History
• Physical Examination
• Laboratory Tests
• Imaging Techniques

Acute Treatment of Stroke
• Treatment of Ischemic Stroke
• Treatment of Hemorrhagic Stroke

Stroke Rehabilitation


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