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2005 White Paper

Shows you how to manage your diabetes and avoid complications such as foot problems and vision changes. Reviews the latest tools for monitoring your blood glucose and the newest medications for controlling it.

New topics include:

Why testing for pre-diabetes is so important.

The steps people with diabetes need to take to prevent cardiovascular disease.

How moderate alcohol consumption may benefit men with type 2 diabetes.

Tips on taking care of your feet if you have diabetes.

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Table of Contents

Prevalence of Diabetes

Types of Diabetes


Causes of Diabetes

Prevention of Diabetes

Acute Symptoms of Diabetes

Diagnosis and Office Follow-up of Diabetes

Long-Term Complications of Diabetes
• Microvascular Disease
• Neuropathy
• Cataracts and Glaucoma
• Skin Changes
• Dental Changes
• Macrovascular Disease
• Diabetes Foot Problems

Treatment of Diabetes
• The Diabetes Health Care Team
• Tight Glucose Control
• Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Control
• Dietary Measures
• Exercise
• Oral Medications
• Insulin
• Treatment of Hypoglycemia
• Pancreas and Islet Transplants
• Alternative Treatments

Treatment of Diabetes Complications
• Retinopathy
• Nephropathy
• Neuropathy
• Diabetic Foot Problems
• Macrovascular Disease


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